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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Once in a Lifetime Pie

This is a chocolate peppermint pie. Take a good look because you'll never see one like this on my blog again.

chocolate peppermint pie

It's good, there's no doubt about that.

chocolate peppermint pie

It has chocolate graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding filling, cream cheese and whip topping with red and green chips (which don't show) above that, and real whip cream above that, and peppermint sprinkles on top.

chocolate peppermint pie

However, for the amount of work and fussing it was, it would need to be drop-dead-absolutely-astoundingly-spectacular, not-to-be-approached-by-any-shortcutting-of-the-steps good. Says the person who made it, who isn't really a kitchen fan any longer, "it's not THAT good." Omer says, "Oh, wow!"

If you are a kitchen masochist and want to try it, the recipe is at No Bake Candy Cane Pie

I went out on snowshoes again today. I LIKE snowshoes. The sky was interesting.

winter sky

There was blue above the sumac.

sky through snowy sumac branches

A nice ending to 2018. See you next year!

In other news: I wrote chapter 15- DISCOURAGED AND PURPLE, in The Secret Cellar, cleared the driveway again, and worked on the sock. I may go to bed early with a book. Who knows.

See Time for Friends for the last cream pie I had, which I did not make
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The Furry Gnome said...

Looks fabulous! And full of calories! Have a good 2018!

Ann said...

It does look good but like you I don't care to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. After all I'm in a kitchen all day at work.
Happy New Year

vanilla said...

Like the beautiful pictures. Labor-intensive pie I'll leave to you.

Secondary Roads said...

I particularly like the sumac pic. The bush, snow, clouds and blue sky make an interesting composition. I found myself lost in it for quite a while. Well done!

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