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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Frost Shadow

This actually happened Sunday morning. The past two days it has been raining as the sun came up.

When I first looked outside that day there was frost completely covering the ground. Not enough to make the trees white, but all the grass. As the sun came up, that began to melt. However, in the lee of this apple tree the heat wasn't strong enough to melt the frost at the same rate. Result... frost shadow.


Although the crystals weren't long, they did make some nice sparkling edges on the blades of grass.



In other news: I have worked super hard the past few days and have the first run-through editing of DMS Druggist done. Now I need to let it simmer while the heavy-duty work days thru Friday night take over. Then I'll go through it one more time, and then do the formatting. I thought I wasn't going to get it done on time, but I ended up not having to work a couple of hours this morning and that was just what I needed.

See Fog Frost
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The Furry Gnome said...

Frost shadows, such a great term for what you see on those mornings!

Ratty said...

It was good to read your Frost Shadow post. I've usually been spending this time of night on my new business, but I needed some good nature stuff right now. This did the trick very well. We haven't had good weather here for the past several days, but now I want to go out exploring even more than I did before.

Ann said...

I guess I never really thought of it but when the sun is melting off the frost it would create frost shadows. Very cool.
Good job on the editing. You'll have that all finished in no time

Secondary Roads said...

I see frost shadows frequently--on frosty mornings that is. They are interesting.

Glad to read of your DMS Druggist progress. The world is waiting . . .

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