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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Things Look Good on Skis

It's the just-like-all-the-others picture of the first skiing of the season.


We have about 5 fluffy inches. Not much, but more likely to be provide opportunity to ski than snowshoe. And it wasn't sticky, which it often is on the first day. Did my loop out back and my 4 little hills.

You can see the trail on one of the hills just below the pines, going up one side and down the other.

ski trail

Here's my best hill. Not today, though. Needs a little more snow to get smooth.

ski trail

It's hard to beat snow sticking to evergreens (this is Scot's pine) for winter beauty.

snow on pine tree

I was out about 30 minutes, my typical first time. The sun was going down, and looky, looky.... we got a bit of a sun pillar. It showed more clearly to the naked eye than the camera, but it's there.

sun pillar

In other news: laundry, some misc stuff, forgot to tell you that I mailed 5 books yesterday! I hope to write a little bit yet tonight, but I have to hang up the wet clothes and do some paperwork. We shall see.

See First Skiing Winter 2016
See Sun Pillar in Pink
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The Furry Gnome said...

Wonderful to be out on skiis already!

Ratty said...

Your pictures look very much like it looks here as well. Unfortunately, my skill with skis does not match yours. I'd fall on my face as soon as I stood up on them.

Ann said...

I admire your enthusiasm for the skiing. I'm just not a fan of cold weather and hate being out in it. Than sky sure is pretty and I can see the sun pillar

Secondary Roads said...

Less snow here, and that's okay with me. We should have plenty by Sunday when we celebrate our family Christmas. Very nice sunset pic with the sun pillar. It is disappointing that the camera is unable to capture what the eye sees.

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