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Thursday, December 21, 2017

White Kitchenhenge

Remember kitchenhenge? I haven't done one for a while. It's the tracking of the sun from my kitchen steps. Not much to see today!

white sunrise

Even when the sun almost appeared, the best the sky could do was get pearly. The slight pink line on the far right is the most color the sun offered this morning.

white sunrise

However, yesterday was better.


The day before was better yet! And pretty close to the southernmost point of sun travel.

white sunrise

Link below to pull up previous kitchenhenge with more explanations.

In other news: I did not do much. I cleaned the kitchen before 8 am. Work was stressful, but then I handed out muffins to everyone. Most of them went to all the drivers and carriers. They don't get a lot of perks, and they do get a lot of grief from unhappy people. I think the gesture was appreciated. I can't say that I've done a single productive thing since I got home, not even to read. Mostly, I've sat still and played a game.

However, I do have to do a little more kitchen stuff for the party at work tomorrow. Then bed, I think.

See Kitchenhenge
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Ann said...

Even the sun is having a hard time getting motivated. I sure can't seem to find mine lately.
I love the last picture. The colors are wonderful

Secondary Roads said...

Some times a gal just needs to sit still and play a game.

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