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Friday, May 17, 2019

We Found Another Long-Distance Hiker

While we were eating our hamburgers in Mesick yesterday after our hike, another man came in with a backpack. It turns out he's also beginning a hike of the North Country Trail. His trail name is Sir Dickspatcher. A couple of us talked with him for quite a long time.

Sir Dickspatcher

And I just want to share a couple more pictures from yesterday. This is the "pond," a lake really, formed by the Hodenpyl Dam where we began our walk. We walked away from the water, although we've hiked beside it some times. This view isn't from the trail, but from a roadside rest area.

Hodenpyl Dam Pond

This is a really funny burl. Looks like the tree decided to try to grow a crop of potatoes.

lumpy burl

Today has been more normal. I wrote in the morning and then worked on various projects and jobs all afternoon. Walked to the post office and bank. There really need to be some more normal days here, but the next two aren't going to qualify!

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Ann said...

I don't recall you ever saying anything about "trail names" before. So do all hikers have one? Do you have a trail name? Inquiring minds don't you know...lol

Annie said...

Hey!! You found him. On the last trail register, he wrote he’s doing a WEBO flip flop. Did he discuss his plan at all?

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I don't have a trail name. I like my one nickname best.

Annie- He's very much an AT hiker, and not recognizing that the NCT is a different thing. He wants good info, but doesn't want to use Avenza and wants amenities we can only dream of at this point. Sort of frustrating.

Annie said...

He hasn’t signed the last couple registers I’ve passed. Maybe he got off trail...

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