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Friday, June 14, 2019

Bell Choir Picnic

I got back into handbell choir for the end of the season, and tonight we had a picnic at the new director's house. Carlene did a great job of working with whoever showed up for practices. There were a lot of substitutions.

woman with a decorated cake

Since it was pouring outside, the picnic was inside, but the food was great.

potluck table of food

After that we played two games that actually work well for groups. First we were confronted with this tub of stuff wrapped and wrapped and taped and tied and wrapped.

tub full of stuff

One person worked at pulling stuff out of the tub while a bowl with dice was being passed around. Each person rolled in turn and if you got doubles you went out and switched with the person who was unwrapping. You got to keep any goody that you managed to completely unwrap. Pretty simple right?

Not so fast. When you are unwrapping you have to wear these large stiff heavy work gloves!

person trying to open package with heavy work gloves

They made all the difference. No one could use their hands well to peel tape or get into small containers!

person trying to open package with heavy work gloves

For the second game we passed around a black bag full of things, while music was playing. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the bag had to reach in without looking, pull one thing out and put it on. This is the result. Quite a distinguished group, don't you think?

group of people wearing funny clothes

Omer even used the f-word in reference to the first game. No, not that one. He said it was "fun." You need to understand, Om hardly ever says things are fun.

In other news: I worked on the book in the morning and then tried to do house stuff in the afternoon but it was gloomy and cold and just a sleepy kind of day. Then the party.

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Ann said...

Both of those games look like fun. The rain didn't stop you guys from having a good time. I bet there were lots of laughs when you were playing those games

Secondary Roads said...

Sure looks like a fun party.

Karen and Gerard said...

Both those games look like fun for large groups. It looks like you have quite a large group for a bell choir. I'm going to suggest these games to our puppet team leader.

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