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Monday, June 24, 2019

Last Day on the Road for a While

Life at Ester's will be primitive for a while yet. She still has only temporary electric and no water. But we are cool with camp living. We made coffee the outdoor way.

pan heating on propane camp stove

We did have one meal, then I had to hit the road. We tried a selfie that would show her beautiful new deck (so glad that didn't burn!), and the selection of flowers she bought to brighten things up a bit. But mostly you just get to see our silly faces.

pan heating on propane camp stove

The house is nearly cleared, and crews will start reconstruction inside this week. Her stuff is all over the place- at several different cleaning companies, and she can't find anything. Hoping to get some storage on her own property, and get her glam camp more set up. She'll be busy!

Now I am home and need some space for a while. Maybe some serious space. I'm peopled out for a bit.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Good to know there was a way to make the coffee. Primitive living is one thing but without coffee, no way...lol
Hope it doesn't take too long for the reconstruction and to get all her stuff cleaned up

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