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Sunday, June 23, 2019

How Ester and I Spent the Day

Ester and I went out for lunch and then ice cream. Then we drove to the Gene Straton Porter estate, Limberlost, to visit again. This time the gardens had flowers in bloom.


red astilbe

Missouri Primrose, or Sundrops.

missouri primrose

And a lovely Japanese Maple.

japanese maple

I was wanting to help Ester get some things done that she needed to accomplish, but she said what she needed most was a day off. Here's the tree that was struck by lightning that started the whole crazy chain of events. See the stripe running the length of it?

lightning struck tree

But this was the only structural damage. Some of the wall beneath the window and a few floorboards need to be replaced.

fire damage

The problem is that the whole thing smoldered for two days while she was not home and was unaware, so the entire house had to be emptied and everything professionally cleaned. To bring things up to code and rebuild, everything inside has been or will be taken down to the studs and rebuilt.

She's setting up camp to be nearby and live in relative comfort until its done. It's all going to be great in the end, but what a mess.

base camp

Keeping this post short and to the point. Gotta scoot. We have things to talk about, and I have to head home in the morning.

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Ann said...

That's a lot of work that has to be done but how nice it will be when it is. Lucky that it didn't get worse with her be gone at the time.

Lin said...

Wow..that is so freak! I'm glad the whole place didn't burn down and that she is safe!

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