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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Will the Real Us Please Stand Up

The host sent us another picture from last night's party. This is from the costume game. Just thought you should see it. The peasant and the king with cow hooves?

people in costume

Of course, you might remember this one. I do think this was the last time anyone got Om into a costume (except for his Gandolf outfit)

chin people

And very few of you will actually remember this one.

wedding picture

I wonder which one is really us.

Spent the day at the Pentwater Art & Craft Fair. Back again tomorrow.

See Bell Choir Picnic
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Secondary Roads said...

They are all you. People and their relationships morph over time. We pray the change is for the better.

vanilla said...

From launch to fun and more fun. Reading from the bottom up.

Ann said...

You two look like you know how to have fun

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