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Monday, June 17, 2019

Gettin' 'Er Done

I'm leaving home tomorrow for a week. There are a whole list of things I'll be doing, and I'm trying to consolidate as many tasks into the one trip as possible.

But, that means there's a lot to do to get ready. You may have noticed it's been raining for a week. So today was my one chance to hack the grass down until I get home again. Did the whole thing... both up by the house and down by the road.

mowed grass

Same weather issue with the laundry. Now I'm good to have clean clothes for the next week. But today was gorgeous- a wonderful day to work outside. Sun!!!!

clothes on line

I took a car load of stuff to the recycle and repacked the bottom layer in the car (the books I'll need for next weekend. The rest of the packing will happen in the morning. I need to leave not long after noon.

And I was determined to work on the trailer just a tiny bit. After all, I wrestled that sheet of plywood out of the barn last week. That was the hard part. So I cut the wood template for the interior brace, based on the cardboard one I made. I'll save the details for a day when I focus on talking about the trailer again, but at least I got one more tiny thing done. And now I know this will work, so I can allow my brain to gnaw on the rest of this piece of the project while I'm away.

roof brace in fiberglass trailer

And you know I tried to do all the little errands on one trip, but that didn't work. Have to hit the grocery store and bank in the morning.

In other news: I worked on the book a bit this morning, but switched to all these projects because I was just too antsy to get at them. Still a fair amount to do in tomorrow morning with packing and getting food ready to take, but the big projects are under control.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

You had a busy but productive day. Have a safe trip

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