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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Bluebird Family

  This afternoon, there were six bluebirds flitting around and lighting on the clothesline poles. I can usually tell if they are bluebirds by the way they act. They sort of swoop up to land and then they drop down into the grass with wings open before flying up again. I presume they are picking up bugs. Blubirds are big insect eaters.

So I tried to catch a couple of pictures. Never can seem to capture them fussing in the grass. But here's one sitting on the pole crossbar. juvenile bluebird I wondered for a minute about the spots above the red breast. But then I looked at a picture of another one facing away from me. Spots all over! These are teenagers. I wasn't surprised to see a small flock of bluebirds at this time of year, but I wonder if this is all one family. juvenile bluebird And you can thank the bluebirds that you didn't get another fern today.

I haven't been too productive since I got home. Cleaned the bathroom (it was bad), did two loads of laundry, sorted 5 weeks worth of mail, puttered at putting some things away, wrote two chapters, and did a few little tasks that were on my lists. I need to up the motivation level soon. Tomorrow and Saturday I'm doing a small vendor event with a few friends. We'll see if any buyers show up.
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Ann said...

I don't ever recall seeing a bluebird around here.
I haven't been productive in a very long time. Cleaning the bathroom and 2 loads of laundry would be a very good day for me.

Secondary Roads said...

I see bluebirds from time to time around here. Lately, it has been phoebe that keeps me entertained.

Lin said...

We don't see many bluebirds here. There is supposed to be a big migration of birds going over Illinois today, so I am excited to keep an eye out for interesting birds. We live by the canal and a lot of birds travel the waterways. Should be a good birding day.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann, Chuck, Lin- I'm so happy to hear that some of you see bluebirds. They really have made quite a comeback since the 1980s. And, thanks for being faithful blogging buddies!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Birds."
Chaplin: "Birds."
Charlee: "Birds birds birds birds birds."
Chaplin: "Birrrrrrrrds!"
Lulu: "Yeah now those two are going to be useless for the next hour or so."

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