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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Another Umpteen-Year-Old Task Done

It was supposed to rain all day. It looked like it was going to rain at any given second all day. I didn't dare get all the tools and electric cord, etc out and then have the sky let loose. My goal was to finish a job that I've had some of the parts for for at least eight years. The piece of pegboard has been stored behind the freezer since before we got the "new" freezer. This week, I got fed up enough to go searching for the rest of the pieces.

Yes, we now have a pegboard on which to hang some of the everyday tools. The reason this took so long was that I was trying to find something to use for the spacers. It turns out there is an actual pegboard mounting kit (although no one at the stores has heard of it- isn't the internet great?), but I found something that would work- nylon spacers. They are like very thick washers.

Well, they are perfect, but the trick is that if you can't access where they are to go from in front of the pegboard when you mount it (like near edges you can actually get your fingers behind), you have to find a way to stick them to the back of the pegboard to hold them until you can get the screw started into the wall. 3M magic mounting tape was not good enough. Liquid Nails was not good enough. Auto Adhesive wins again! There is still a little bit in that tube I bought, and I'm happy to find some extra uses for it since it will be all dried up by the time I get home from my trip.

And, I'm here to tell you that mounting a large pegboard alone is quite a trick. But I got 'er done.

pegboard mounted on wall

I've been saving a bunch of pegboard hooks and racks for years, so now I get to play with what goes where. Obviously, that rack won't work the way it's hung now. It's actually not designed for pegboard. But I have lots of options. I can also tell you that new pegboard is different from old pegboard- the holes are larger. I have a lot of hooks that were designed for the old kind. They will still work, they just aren't as tight in the holes. I can probably fix that.

I did end up doing several small jobs on the trailer that didn't require me to get out a lot of stuff. Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will be less questionable, and I can finish that wall. Lowe's did have the trim pieces I wanted, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Stay tuned.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

I'm impressed that you were able to hang that by yourself. I wonder why they would change the size of the hole in them.

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