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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Goodbye Snowy Trail - Day 385

  This is the last picture of a snowy trail corridor you'll see from me for a while. I hiked today, tomorrow I'm going to some friends in Petoskey to hunker down for the big storm. Then I'll see if there is anywhere left that I need to hike that doesn't require snowshoes. I've decided I'm fine with this. My hip is kiling me, and although I'm often even oblivious to pain, I'm not going to keep snowshoeing on it when it hurts constantly to do so. The big gift of the day was that in many places the snow was crustier than yesterday so that I didn't sink in as much. That helped a lot.
snowy trai

Today did have a few features other than snow. There were a couple of small bridges and this larger one over the Pine River. (Not the one in the Lower Peninsula)
trail bridge

Long time readers may recall that I love stripes and polka dots together. A red pine plantation nicely obliged today.
red pines in snow

I got to spend the rest of the day clean and warm in a house with a jigsaw puzzle, dinner served on a table, with good friends.

Miles today: 5.1. Total miles so far: 4374.2.

See Snow and Botany


Bob Court said...

Joan- The JV45 Degree Chapter Starts at Kipp Rd.. The stretch from Kipp Rd. (arcgis 607.5) to Brubaker Rd. (623.5) is mostly road walk. Well maybe a few miles though parks that would require snowshoes. It includes the stretch out of Petoskey along the Bear River.
Since you will be there...

Ann said...

Beautiful photos. I don't blame you for not hiking in the snowshoes. No point in pushing yourself if you don't have to

Tim said...

Rest/heal up…Enjoy your holidays

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Those are quite possibly the straightest trees I have ever seen in that last picture."
Java Bean: "Better for peeing on!"