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Monday, December 12, 2022

Tahquamenon - Day 377

  Today was Tahquamenon Falls State Park. This is another famous and highly photographed place along the trail. There was no time to go exploring to try to get unusual angles for pictures. I just took fast snapshots at the places everyone does so. That said, I was surprised when I looked at the pictures later, I liked this long shot the best. This is the Upper Falls. It is the third largest by volume east of the Mississippi. (Niagara is #1 and Cohoes- also in NY, near Albany- is #2). I've been here quite a few times, but this is my first winter visit.
Upper Tahquamenon Falls

The hike between the falls has a reputation for being rugged. Well, it sort of is. It's a lot hillier than you might expect. There are a LOT of stairs. And in some places it goes very near the river and you have to watch your footing quite carefully. There are a lot of slippery roots and mucky places (mostly frozen today). But it's neat to follow the river.

I really liked this standing wave. The water is "root beer" color because of the tannins in the water from the hemlock swamps that feed the river.
standing wave

The Lower Falls is a series of small drops on each side of an island. This is the largest of the lower ones.
Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Every once in a while, in the Michigan State Parks, you come across a sign board with an inspirational message. This one is displayed twice (that we saw) at Tahquamenon. "Prayer of the Woods. I am the heat of your hearth on the cold winter nights, the friendly shade screening you from the summer sun, and my fruits are refreshing draughts quenching your thirst as you journey on. I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table, the bed on which you lie, and the timber that builds your boat. I am the handle of your hoe, the door of your homestead, the wood of your cradle, and the shell of your coffin. I am the bread of kindness and the flower of beauty. Ye who pass by, listen to my prayer. Harm me not."
Prayer of the Woods

You may recall I said that this area is maintained by the chapter than Bill is a member of. He built this very bench. It and another one were put in the park with permission. Nice work. And you know I love finding decent places to sit.
man sitting on a bench

Even after eating lunch, Bill was still hungry!
man pretending to eat tree

And later, he was so tired, he decided to go home. I'm kidding... well, about being that tired. But the sad news is that Bill does have to go home. When he first joined me for a day way back in lower Michigan, we were barely acquaintences. Now, we are fast friends. I haven't counted up the days he's hiked with me, but it's something over 15% of this hike.
man leaning on a trail sign

Miles today: 14.0 (plus 1 mile to get to the car). Total miles so far: 4320.2.

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Ann said...

Now that's hungry to chow down on a tree...lol
Love the pictures of the falls.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it's gorgeous