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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Tahquamenon River - Day 378

  Today was mostly about following the Tahquamenon River to Lake Superior.

For some reason, there is a little patch of heavier snow within the park. Not enough to need snowshoes, but just enough to keep things looking wintry. I began in hemlock woods.
snowy trail in hemlocks

The first few miles were the hilliest of the day, but they weren't bad. When I came to another bench that Bill had built, I had to take my break even though it was a few minutes early. It sort of made me feel as if Bill was still with me. It overlooks Camp Ten Lake where there was a CCC camp.
bench in snowy woods

Before long, I was following the Tahquamenon River downstream. It was mostly frozen.
Tahquamenon River

And then I was at the mouth of the river, where it empties into Lake Superior's Whitefish Bay. This is really and truly my last look at Lake Superior.
Whitefish Bay

Now, let's back up for a little joke. This sign is so damaged you can hardly read it any more. It says "Old Stove Road." It's between where I started and the river.
Old Stove Road sign

You might wonder what this is all about. Well, when I was last here in June of 2010, not only was the sign still in good shape, but the old stove was still there as well. It's now been removed. I suppose it was junk, but I thought it was funny.
dirt road with sign

I did more miles today than I've done in a while. I wanted to knock out a bunch because I am taking the next two days off. Tomorrow is going to be really windy, and the next day will be the storm the wind is bringing. I am tired and my feet need a good rest. Tonight I'm really tired. I can't even focus my eyes. But I can rest in the morning, so it's all good. Then I'll move the trailer again.

Miles today: 16.2 (plus 1 mile on a spur). Total miles so far: 4336.4.

See Tahquamenon


Unknown said...

Hi Joan. You are amazing! Ellie and I went out today with snowshoes and a chainsaw pack for five hours of TM, as a reminder that somethings really need to be done before the first big snow. Enjoy your time off. The trail will wait for you.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Kevin (I assume)- thanks for your hard work. 5 hours of chainsaw work is a lot!