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Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Heat, Light, Water, Salad

  I am safely home and up the driveway. The house has the big three: heat, water, electricity. So often I arrive to one of those being missing. Thus having the full set is impressive and more than satisfactory. Add to that my usual (when I'm home) big salad for dinner, and LIFE IS GOOD. I've really missed the salads, but it's not enough food when mega-hiking.

Thanks to Doug (the one here, not the one where I just was), the driveway was clear and there was enough space plowed at the top to swing the trailer around.

I brought in just enough stuff for tonight and the groceries I bought- for the salad. I'll start on the big cleanup tomorrow.

See Moonlighting in the Daylihght


doug said...

Recharge and work on the needed details to finish.

Ellie said...

Welcome home! You definitely have earned an extended break. Enjoy all the creature comforts like heat, electricity, and water. You will return to the trail recharged and ready to tackle those remaining miles.

Ann said...

That was a grand home coming.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Home is where the salad is! Welcome back!"