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Friday, December 9, 2022

Lake Superior Wins Every Time - Day 374

  Within a mile of starting out this morning, there we were, back at Lake Superior. However, today the waves were so gentle there was just a bare swishing against the shore.
Lake Superior

When I say that Lake Superior wins, one way it does so is by claiming the trail when it gets too close to the edge. Can you see the compacted stripe that's just hanging out on a rootball to the right of the upright tree? That used to be the trail. (No, we did not get lost. I turned around and took the picture looking back so it would show better. We ARE capable of keeping the lake to our left as we walk.)
Lake Superior

In 2012 a fire was started by lightning. It burned 22,000 acres. Once again, Lake Superior wins. There were huge fire-fighting efforts, but ultimately, what put it out was that it reached the lake. Ten years later, here is what some of that area looks like.
Pike Lake fire area

Late in the afternoon, the day became magical. The sun broke through the cloud cover. First it turned the lake from gray-green to electric blue.
Lake Superior

The last couple of miles of trail looked inviting. That was nice, because they were also pretty hilly- never popular at the very end of a day.
snowy hiking trail in sun

And then we were "there!" The bridge over the Two-Hearted River.
Two Hearted River trail bridge

The mouth of the river, where Lake Superior swallows it is always pretty, but I especially like the blue bargello look.
Two Hearted River

Finally, I said I'd show you who our new hosts are. I've usually thanked them after we've moved on to somewhat protect their privacy. But it won't make a bit of difference this time because they have come and gone. Shirley and Bill are from Ludington, but they own property in the UP, and offered me a place to stay before I ever left home. They were more excited than I thought warranted when I said their location would work for me. In fact, they drove all the way up here to meet us and bring us dinner. Amazing! And it was like a mini fiberglass trailer convention. Mine is a Companion, "my" Bill has a Scamp, and they have a Boler. We ate inside their trailer since it was already warmed up, and then we took a crowded selfie. These little trailers can indeed seat 4, but you don't have a lot of extra room. What fun!

The thing is... it really makes me feel as if I'm getting sort of close to home. I couldn't believe they were going to drive up here just to see me. "It's only five hours," they said. It sort of blows my mind that I could hop in a vehicle and be home that soon. Instead, I'll spend another 6 weeks or so walking. Haha.

Tomorrow, we are going to do a piece out of sequence. Stay tuned to hear why.

Miles today: 14.0. Total mies so far: 4278.3.

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Ellie said...

These Lake Superior pictures are the most beautiful yet! There are definitely rewards for winter hiking.

Ann said...

The photos of the lake are absolutely beatiful.

Doug said...

I just re-hiked that stretch last autumn with a friend that's nearly done with all Michigan miles. The burnt section looks like it took a huge amount of chainsaw work to get it cleared. I too originally hiked the section before there was a bridge. The old Wes Boyd trail notes said "cross the river on some fallen logs". LOL no logs just had to wade across. Doug

Doug said...

Oops, wrong bridge, it was blind sucker bridge!

Sharkbytes said...

Ellie- thanks!

Ann- the sun really popped the blues

Doug- yeah... we waded at the Blind Sucker River mouth and it was very shallow, but definitely you got wet. I think there was always a bridge at Two-Hearted. At least since I knew anything about the trail.