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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Deuce It Is!

I don't think I'll ever top Paper Bag with Fish, but this is the same category of posts... things found beside the road.

deuce of hearts

Does this have a message for you?

See Grilled Cheese on Snow
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RNSANE said...

That's pretty funny!! Were you having a windy day? Perhaps it blew over from some exciting poker game!

Lin said...

I think paper bag with fish was probably one of the first posts I read of yours. No wait! It was when you had that opossum in your yard and you touched it!! Then I was hooked! :)

This is good and weird, but it is no paper bag with fish.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

It didn't have a message or perhaps it did, I was reminded of the things found on my travels. Some weird, some wonderful & some sad.

Secondary Roads said...

Two hearts
Cast aside
Ditched, discarded
Beside the road

rainfield61 said...

The nature hinted that you are going to have double lucks.

One for you, keep the other one for me.

john bain said...

Hopefully it is not telling me my card is marked.

gallerydarrow said...

Somebody's not playing with a full deck! :)

Glynis Peters said...

An engagement or marriage might be on the cards! What a thing to come across. Well spotted, Joan.

sir rob said...

I cannot say anything but to laugh when I saw this one...! Nothing seems funny with playing with a missing card.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Now I have that old Stacey Q song "Two of Hearts" running through my head ...

moirai said...

Uhm... a magic trick that didn't go very well? The card's supposed to appear somewhere else not beside the road... =P

betchai said...

2 hearts,
enjoying their freedom
feeling the caresses of the fluttering green grass

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- It's been windy for several days. Someone will have a short deck for their next game.

Lin- I know! If I were willing to stage oddities who knows what would happen, but we'll have to settle for the odd but occasional truth.

Carole- I think one could stock a house on things people throw out.

Chuck- how perfect! I love the play on "ditched."

rainfield- one heart for you, for sure.

John- I'll bet that one is well marked even if it were restored to the deck.

ro- no kidding. I wonder when they will figure it out.

Glynis- welcome back! Is that what the two of hearts means? I'm no good at the fortune reading stuff.

moirai- now that's a creative idea!

betchai- aw... what I nice sentiment.

Ann said...

I like gallerdarrow's comment...lol

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- I think that's a pretty good observation!