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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What Happened to the Twins?

Do you remember the twins? They were featured in July, as Twin Trouble. I think it's interesting, because these two deer are easy to tell apart. One is smaller, and has a narrower nose. When they were young, their spots were different, too.

Here's what they looked like on August 20. They are still smaller than mom.

twin fawns with mother

They are still hanging around, but now they are as big as their mother (she's not in the picture with them), and they've all put on their darker winter coats. This morning was frosty, and they really stood out against the white, but they quickly faded into the trees. They are now more wary, as well they should be in the fall.

two deer in frosty grass

See Twin Trouble
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RNSANE said...

I wonder where mom is? Is she already pregnant again? They are so sweet looking. Winter must be hard for deer, especially when you're having such an early snow.

rainfield61 said...

What happened to the twins.

And you have the answer.

Secondary Roads said...

Yes, I remember the twins. We have a pair around here, but I've not seen them for a couple of months.

Ann said...

I take a detour on a back road in the morning and I've been seeing a lot of deer moving there. Certainly a good time of year for them to be on guard.

Lin said...

Awww. I'm glad they are doing well. I love deer and I always get excited when I see them around here.

john bain said...

I love that frost picture.

Sharkbytes said...

She was there with them, but not close enough to get in the same pic. The snow was farther east... that's just frost

rainfield- I can only ID them now because it's the set of 3 deer that hang around my yard. After this winter, I probably won't have a clue

Chuck- if you have as many deer as we do, they probably won't all survive the winter

Ann- Yes... I think these ones are too small to be in much danger from hunters, but there are always cars and cold

Lin- We in deer-land are a bit less thrilled. They total our cars and eat our gardens

John- I wish the deer would have showed themselves a little better, but it's a typical pose, for sure.