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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Did you know that there are over 11,000 species of grasshopper? Me neither. I know I see different colors of them, even in my fields. I don't think I'm going to get a solid ID on this one right away.


Here are some things I can tell you. They are insects, of course, six legs, head, thorax and abdomen. If you want to feel somewhat knowledgeable about insects, just learn the Orders. Grasshoppers, Crickets and Katydids are all Orthoptera.

All of the members of that order are good jumpers. They rarely hold still to have their pictures taken.


This one not only held still, he (she? I don't know how to tell the difference) asked me what the heck I was doing sticking that big round thing into his face. He waved an antennae at me, and mentioned that the step surface was cracking a lot.

Then he suggested that I should just enjoy the lovely day!

For comparison, here is the katydid cousin. See how different their back legs are?


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haopee said...

This reminds me of how senseis say, "You have much to learn, little grasshopper!"

I love grasshoppers. I used to catch them and put them inside a bottle with leaves and water. I also use a screen cover. After two days I set them free and catch a new one. I do hope my actions are humane.

john bain said...

My little plot used to be full of grass hoppers, until I got the hens. I am making a special hen free, grasshopper friendly area now. Incidentally I can no longer hear the high pitched noise they make.

Chinmay said...

Well written and beautifully presented. All posts.

Secondary Roads said...

All dressed camo gear like he is, that guy must be a soldier of some kind.

Emma Springfield said...

I had to dissect a live grasshopper in high school biology. Yuck! At any rate, I still don't know the difference between male and female grasshoppers.

Ann said...

When I read your post title the first thing I thought of was kung fu (I think that was the name of the show)
I had no idea there were so many

Lin said...

I love grasshoppers--I've noticed their numbers are high this year. And I like how katydids "click", telling us that fall is coming. I like to hear them at night, clicking away.

Sharkbytes said...

haopee- that sounds like a great way to watch them for a while!

John- yes, chickens do love their protein.

Chinmay- thank you- feel free to stop in often!

Chuck- I think you got it! That's the best ID I've seen.

Emma- I think it's simple, but I think my pictures aren't adequate.

Ann- I didn't see that movie- apparently it has created a social effect for that word

Lin- Just average numbers here, I think. Listening to the insects in the evening was a family activity of my childhood summers.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

What a poser you caught there, the ones I catch won't sit still - I'll stick to frogs & toads they seem to like me taking their photos :)
Finally got back to my old computer for the moment, I have been calling on you even though silently.

RNSANE said...

The only bugs I really love are lady bugs. You certainly got great shots of Mr. Grasshopper, though. 11,000 species? That's unbelievable!

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