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Monday, October 24, 2011

In Honor of Rupert

If you've been a long-time visitor of this blog, you've heard me mention a friend from New York named Elaine. She's had a canary named Rupert for almost 20 years. I'm sure you know what comes next. Rupert died two weeks ago. Elaine is sure that Rupert understood almost everything she said to him, and who am I to argue? The first picture is Rupert in 2001.


Here is Elaine, talking with Rupert, also in 2001 (don't ask how much we've aged in 10 years).


Rupert was very calm and tame. He was pretty much free to come and go from his cage as he wished. Here he is in 2009


Elaine has a new canary named Robbie, and she's trying really hard to focus on training him while working through the loss of Rupert.

She sent me the link to this video. It's not Rupert, but she says this canary's song is just like his. I didn't realize that canaries had different tunes, but I guess they do. If you are so inclined, listen to a canary sing, and think of my friend, Elaine. She's really hurting.

See Buttermilk Falls for a walk with Elaine
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Loretta said...

Robbie sounds like a very happy canary...love his song!

l said...

oops..not Robbie...whoever this one is...lovely song...

unikorna said...

i know how hard it can be to loose a dear pet...it takes time..a long time to heal

Lin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for Elaine. Losing a little friend like that leaves a HUGE hole in your life. You don't realize how much they are a part of your life until they are gone.

I hope Rupert finds my frog at the Rainbow Bridge and they are hanging out in the warm sunshine together.

Hugs and love to Elaine.

Secondary Roads said...

I'm sorry for Elaine's loss. Those attachments do grow strong, let's hope that Robby eventually fills most of the void that is left behind.

rainfield61 said...

A forever friend.

vanilla said...

The loss of a beloved pet is very hard. May Elaine, while never forgetting Rupert, soon bond with her new friend!

Ann said...

Losing a pet is as difficult as losing a member of your family. So sorry for Elaine's loss. I hope that Robbie can help ease the pain of losing Rupert

Sharkbytes said...

Thank you, one and all, for the kind words for Elaine. I'll ask her to stop by and read your notes. She called me tonight and the new bird was singing like crazy in the background. So cheerful!