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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creepy Crawlies?

Today was another work day, and they sent me to a county outside my actual area because that rep is out of the state. It was raining the whole time, making for a really damp and muted afternoon.

However, I discovered that instead of pumpkins, quite a few farmers there are growing another fall vegetable.

field of butternut squash

It's one of my favorites. I confess to being tempted to steal one from an edge, but I was good. It's butternut squash.

field of butternut squash

However, as I prepared the pictures, I realized that at this scale a whole field of the squash begins to look quite a lot like a box full of worms. Who would have guessed that would happen?

field of butternut squash

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sir rob said...

I thought that it's a worm but kinda skeptical since it's a bit larger. I thought it's a herd of sheep as well.

vanilla said...

I once planted three or four butternut seeds in a hillock in my garden. The vines went everywhere-- through and over the fence, in the lawn. I gave away squash all over the neighborhood, stored squash in the cellar and finished using them the next July.

Since then, no such luck. Anywhere from three or four fruit to none at all. What gives?

Secondary Roads said...

Still had butternut from last year, so this year it spaghetti squash for us. The latter is good, but no replacement for butternut.

Tammy said...

They really do look funny out in the field.

Ann said...

I love squash. I haven't had any in quite some time though since no one else likes it but me.

moirai said...

pat pat pats you for being good and not stealing =P

I don't think we have those things around here... I've tried looking for them but can't find any. There's this recipe that needed it that I wanted to try...

john bain said...

I do look like they are moving.

betchai said...

i haven't seen butternut squash like that, i think i only see pumpkin farms here, but maybe haven't looked enough. at first glance, they indeed look like crawling and creepy :)

Sharkbytes said...

borris- sheep would be better!

vanilla- I dunno... I don't grow 'em, I just eat 'em

Chuck- yeah, I find spaghetti squash disappointing- very bland

Tammy- it didn't seem creepy outdoors, but the pictures sure did, later

Ann- so cook some just for you!

moirai- I suspect they are a northern treat, although they probably get shipped all over the US

John- I thought so too. It's rather amazing

betchai- I hadn't seen fields of them before, either.

RNSANE said...

How funny that butternut squash looks. It makes me think that some alien spacecraft dropped down and left little creatures behind!