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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Problem Fades to Insignificance

Someone gave us this bad boy this week. It's not that I'm ungrateful. We have to find turkeys from the farm since Om had his heart attack, because the commercial ones are pumped full of saline. So I was thrilled when Joshua said that a friend of his was going to give us a turkey.

I hope I exuded proper gratitude when they brought it by. But, frankly, my reaction was, "How the heck am I going to cook this thing? I'm not sure it will fit in the freezer, let alone the oven. And the roasting pan? Not a chance."

It tips the scales at 30 pounds, dressed, no giblets. So I shuffled the freezer and got it to fit.

30 pound turkey

Tonight at my writing group, Betsy, who has a farm said, "We decided to raise some turkeys this year, but I guess we weren't paying enough attention when we bought the chicks because they turned out not to be the usual domestic turkeys. So they got a little big. The one we dressed out today weighs 39 pounds."

I think Betsy and I will be looking for recipes that let you cut the turkey up before you cook it!

I thought I was going to show you a picture of one of my turkeys, but I guess I haven't fixed one since I started this blog. (and I don't feel like hunting through old files to find one) The boys don't like turkey, and it's a bit much for two of us, but somebody is going to have to eat a lot of fowl this year!

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rainfield61 said...

It is certainly too big for both of you, for the freeze, or for the oven.

Secondary Roads said...

That's one huge bird! I don't eat turkey. I have a food allergy. If we have meat, it probably will be a roast or perhaps a ham.

vanilla said...

That certainly gives meaning to the term "Big Bird".

Ann said...

that is one big turkey. We normally get one as small as we can find and that's still too much. I've thought about just buying the turkey breast instead of the whole thing

Katherine said...

That is FUNNY! I have a co-worker who decided to raise and butcher a turkey for thanksgiving. He let them get big... not really thinking of what that would look like on the table. It looks like yours! He said it took about eleven hours to cook, no lie! Funny!

Lin said...

Oh no!! You and Om are gonna be eating turkey sammiches for a long, long time to come!!

Well, unless you invite me over--I'll help you with that thing. ;)

Loretta said...

I am thinking about all the yummy "Yankee" dressing that would fit inside! So is the big bird for Thanksgiving or Christmas...I need to plan my next trip! :)

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- all of the above, but we shall be brave!

Chuck- Odd thing to be allergic to!

vanilla- Well, I didn't see what color feathers it had, pre-plucking

Ann- I would never buy one this big!

Katherine- I think I'm going to cut this one up to roast.

Lin- when do you want to come- we will need help!

Loretta- I am thinking of trying an apple-sourdough stuffing this year. I'm afraid this big bird may also be tough, and I don't want to ruin "my" dressing. But, are you serious? Can you come for one of those holidays?

jeanlivingsimple said...

Whoa! Y'all grow them big in Michigan!!!