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Friday, October 14, 2011

Oddities on the Corner

Maggie and I did a road walk today because the fields are so wet. Here are the odd finds from near the corner of Gordon Road.

First we have yarrow. The odd parts are the color, and that it's blooming. Wild yarrow is white. I think this must be a garden escape, but even so, it should have bloomed two months ago!

magenta yarrow

Next we have another field of pumpkins. To be honest, this isn't odd here at all, but it may look odd to you. No, the color is not wrong. This is a variety that a lot of farmers are growing that doesn't have the bright pumpkin color, but looks all faded. Maybe they taste better, keep better? who knows? Maybe I'll run into someone who knows.

field of pumpkins

This one made me laugh! It looks like fireworks. It's an ailanthus tree with the leaflets stripped off the stems of the compound leaves by the wind.

ailanthus stems

I was going to blog about something not outside... shucks, I forgot all about it after I took a walk and found pretty things!

See Karner Blue Habitat for regular white yarrow
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rainfield61 said...

Ah, they are pumpkins.

I thought of mushrooms instead.

They really look odd to me.

Ann said...

I wish my yarrow looked like that. Mine is all dried out and brown now.

Interesting Pictures said...

There's a lot of pumpkins there. Do you sell them or do you consume it?

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- they look odd to me too. I can't quite get used to flesh-colored pumpkins

Ann- well, it is "all" dried up here too. I don't know what this plant thought it was doing.

IP- They are not mine. I would like to "steal" one, but I don't know who owns them and it's a big no-no to take food from a commercial field. I am assuming that this variety is sold for food processing, because everyone wants the bright orange ones for decorating, of course.

RNSANE said...

We just had our annual pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay about fifteen miles south of me....only the orange variety there. I've never seen these others. I wonder if they taste the same. I REALLY love pumpkin. When I first moved here, some 30+ years ago, I got a fabulous pumpkin cookbook at that annual festival. It's one of my favorite books and it has all kinds of great recipes - not just dessert type things. I've never found the book again and I suppose it's out of print. I've often wanted to give it as a gift.