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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Farm Country in Fall

Maggie and I went for a nice walk today, in a new place, but the best photos that I brought home are scenes captured en route. What can I say? I'm a farm girl, and I just love the feelings these evoke. I suspect they may not do the same for you unless you have also spent time living close to the land. But I hope you enjoy them.

First we have a pumpkin harvest. In recent years, more and more fields are being put into pumpkins. You can't beat the colors! There is one variety some people grow that is much paler, but the traditional ones make better pictures.

a field of pumpkins being harvested

Next is a field that is being prepared for some strip farming. The dark stripes are plowed, and the light ones are old stubble.

a striped field

Finally, I just couldn't pass up this valley. There are cows in the field, and you can see that the trees are starting to turn. One could wish for the removal of the high-tension line towers, but I'm giving you untouched images.

a hillside farm

Tomorrow- top commenters from September.

See On the Road for another striped field
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Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

That's a bunch of pumpkins. Happy Fall.

betchai said...

wish I can pick up some of those pumpkins for free :) beautiful pictures of inspiring landscape.

mizztraveller said...

beautiful scene .long time no visit this blog . u photo skill have improve a lot

Karen and Gerard said...

This picture of the valley would make a nice postcard.

Secondary Roads said...

That's a lot of pumpkins. There is a similar field about 10 minutes from here. I've not heard of strip farming before. Can you tell us more?

john bain said...

The next village to this is famous for the many different varieties of pumpkin.

Ann said...

I have never lived on a farm but I love a country view. I'll take that over a city skyline any day

RNSANE said...

I lived on a farm near the Georgia - Alabama border for about five years, as a child, but, since then, I've been strictly a city girl. I still enjoy seeing farms, though - and wide open spaces!

Your photographs always remind me of some of life's better places!