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Monday, October 10, 2011

Scouting for the Scouts

A Scout troop has been emailing me, asking questions about camping possibilities for a backpacking trip they are taking. Well, that was a good enough excuse to go exploring, right?

Tank Creek headwaters

You've seen this location before (see link at bottom). I was quite surprised to find that there was even more water there today than in early June. I was unable to get on the little island at all. (Well, I didn't feel like wading)

Tank Creek headwaters

I couldn't even get across an area that had only been damp before. So I hiked around the back side of a wet meadow, and got up on a nice dry maple ridge. Here's the view of the wetland from the top of that ridge.

Tank Creek headwaters

I think this is just a wonderful spot where one could camp. I like the view of the water through the trees. The warm weather just makes any time in the woods extra delicious!

See Tank Creek Headwaters
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john bain said...

I agree, it would be a great place to camp.

Secondary Roads said...

It sure looks like a nice place to camp. Sure is a pretty place.

Ann said...

looks like a great camp site to me.

betchai said...

looks a very inspiring and peaceful place for camping. beautiful place.

Sharkbytes said...

Everyone- I'm actually surprised that I was willing to share this location with the Scouts. I had sort of felt like keeping it a "secret." But that's silly. It's a National Forest, and hunters and others walk this area all the time. Although there is no official named trail there, a well-worn volunteer trail exists. They can use the spot and it will still be "mine" when I want it.

Ferd said...

The Scouts are going to just love it!

How smart of them to ask you for your advice!

RNSANE said...

You are quite generous to share
"your" spot! I am sure the scouts will appreciate it.