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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Orange and Blue, Not Syracuse

Nothing very profound or new today. But often, the familiar can bring as big a smile. The day began with the toilet spraying the entire bathroom. Then we moved on to the refrigerator peeing all over the kitchen. All problems fixed with nothing major. Now, there's something big to be thankful for! I spared you the pictures of the yuck that was under the fridge.

Sorry about the orange and blue... they were also my high school colors, so they just go together in my mind, but I think most people picture Syracuse with that combo. Here's my set for today: orange tree, bluebird. Just snapped while taking Maggie for our regular walk around my kingdom.

orange tree


I also designed the cover for News from Dead Mule Swamp, and then I got inspired and wrote two more chapters. It's starting to really come together nicely. (You can follow that project over at Shark Bytes and Tales, if you want.)

See Snow Bird is Blue
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Duxbury Ramblers said...

Now that Bluebird has a look of our robin :)

Ann said...

Well I'm glad that your beginning didn't set the pace for the rest of the day. Looks like you recovered quite nicely :)

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks. I'd rather see autumn leaves and blue birds.

rainfield61 said...

Nothing very profound, but that's our day.

Reena said...

Beautiful trees!

Unknown said...

Last year they had a programme about the Autumn leaves which I thought interesting - it said that it was the sugar content in the leaves which turned them red. I now find myslef looking at the trees to see which are the reddest ones and at the same time wondering whether they are sweet!
Beautiful pictures!!

betchai said...

nothing profound, just simply beautiful, love the colors.

Sharkbytes said...

Carole- yes... your robin and ours seem very different, but when the light hits the bluebird right it looks like a muted version of your robin.

Ann- I knew what the toilet was doing. That wasn't new. The fridge was a surprise, though.

Chuck- yeah... we've all seen plenty of yuck.

rainfield- this blog is about finding the good stuff among the common.

reena- there are still a few hanging on to some bright leaves

Polly- Interesting- the red maples here usually turn red, and the sugar maples to orange, so I wonder how that works

betchai- every time I think the colors are all done a sunbeam hits some remaining patch.

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