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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ellen and Joan- Another Great Hike

Remember the Scouts that I was checking out locations for? Ellen and I met with them this morning, for just a few minutes. They were breaking camp and getting ready to hike to where I suggested they stay tonight. They had a really wet night last night and were happy to hear that the day was supposed to be only windy, not wet.

Boy Scout campers

Then Ellen and I headed in the other direction. We didn't really want to "crash" their party. It was chilly, but just a great day for a hike. You can see that the leaves are really starting to come down now- the forest floor is carpeted with orange and brown. This hemlock grove was really pretty.

autumn trail

At one place, the trail comes really close to the South Branch of the Pere Marquette River. This is the same river that I show you quite often, but it's not the main stream. However, this joins the full river before it goes through the Scottville Park or near my house- the places I show you most often.

South Branch Pere Marquette River

From just a few days ago, when the interesting things to see were just overwhelming the senses, we now have to look with different eyes and look for variations in texture or shape, or spots of remaining color. Every once in a while one will find a leaf that's all out of proportion to others. This is a black oak leaf. Look at it compared to all the ones behind it!

black oak leaf

Tomorrow- a few more of those interesting details.

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rainfield61 said...

Look for the differences among the ordinariness, that is interesting.

Ann said...

What a beautiful backdrop you had for that group shot.

vanilla said...


john bain said...

Looking is such an important thing to do when walking in the woods. People miss so much because they don't take it all in. Stopping once in a while to listen to the sounds of nature is wonderful also.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- There are always there, if I look for them.

Ann- I love Bowman Lake- one of my favorite spots on the NCT

vanilla- come visit- you can see it all too

John- sometimes I forget to look, but I try to do it all the time.

RNSANE said...

You all are framed by such beautiful fall color! I am always amazed at the beauty in your part of the world. I would so love to visit you one of these days!