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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Work and Wildlife Again

Today was another work day- always good to keep some cash flowing in. The weather was beautiful- sunny and high 60s. I caught some wildlife- and not the cement kind this time.

This is a fairly common caterpillar. It might be white or yellow, but it always has those five long tufts of hair. It's for the American dagger moth, another drab and seldom noticed moth.

American dagger moth caterpillar

This isn't a great picture, but I just wanted something different. I stopped at a little park to use the latrine, and had to take a look off the dock. I think this is a bluegill, I know it's in Pleiness Lake.


Finally, here's an old friend, but I saw three different ones today, and these are pictures of two of them. Yes, it's the great blue heron, Ardae herodius.

great blue heron

It always cracks me up how they stand on one leg so securely. And here's the best. I finally got one flying in the typical pterodactyl pose. I think they were right about some of the dinosaurs being birds. I think this bird is a dinosaur.

great blue heron

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betchai said...

i always get excited when i see fishes swimming, and i take pictures of them even when it will not come out so clear. the heron look so happy, maybe he caught a fish :)

sir rob said...

Had goose bump in the first pic.

Secondary Roads said...

What great days we are enjoying to be able to get out in comfort and enjoy the world around us. Love it!

RNSANE said...

Your breaks from work always result in such nice photos.

I always wonder how herons do so well on one leg. I can barely balance these days on two!

Ann said...

I wish I could spot stuff like that when I go to work :)

jeanlivingsimple said...

You are so dang lucky to see such cool critters while working. Dang I have the wrong job.

Gold Coin News said...

That is a one nice looking caterpillar. Have not seen anything like that before. Sound like I need to go out more often.

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- I think that fish was safe for the moment, but other little swimmers were definitely on the menu

borris- you don't like caterpillars?

Chuck- an awesome week!

Carmen- the days on the back roads help make up for the hateful hours of reporting

Ann- usually wildlife in the grocery is frowned upon!

Jean- I definitely like driving all over on someone else's gas money.

Gold Coin- if you are in the eastern US, they are pretty common.