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Friday, May 1, 2020

Waking Up Hungry

I rarely wake up hungry, and today was no exception. However, as I was carrying the laundry basket to the clothesline, I noticed brand new diggings in the area where Ms. Woodchuck lives.

Pretty soon, Om called me downstairs to see her. Have you ever seen such a thin woodchuck? It seems awfully late, but the fresh dirt piles and the lack of fat make me wonder if she just woke up for the spring.


After standing up so nice for me, she went back to four paws and gave me the evil eye before scurrying down the burrow.


In other news: I did promotional stuff. I did laundry. I walked to the P.O. and the bank. Then I went and bought some cranberry juice. (I might be getting a little infection- we'll see if I can knock it out this way). And I worked on the current puzzle. It was a beautiful day- I wore shorts!

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sink dish washing said...
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Ann said...

Must be nice to emerge from winter looking all slender instead of having to put on the fat pants.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Hmm I don't know, that looks like a pretty big squirrel to me."
Charlee: "I don't think it's a—"

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