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Monday, August 5, 2019

More Nordhouse Dunes

I am carless for as many days as are required for the fix. But a friend came and picked me up and we went hiking at Nordhouse Dunes today.

First we went straight from the parking to Lake Michigan. Can't beat that on a nice day.

Lake Michigan

The friend is Dave Snoek. I've known him for quite a while now through North Country Trail contacts, but we haven't hiked together very often. Certainly never when we've been able to chat so much. He agreed to let me choose the trails, so I could update my trail guide web site.


After we went to the lake, we headed north along the Lake Michigan Trail, on the top of the dune.

interesting tree

Far out on the big lake was a freighter. It looks like a ghost ship, white against blue and blue.


Heading back south again, we saw this Orange Birch Bolete.

Orange Birch Bolete

And Nordhouse Lake is just spectacular this year with lots of water, even late in the season.

Nordhouse Lake

We encountered a family enjoying the ageless pass time of catching frogs. I think this is a large Green Frog, but I can't quite see enough of its side to be sure it's not a smallish Bullfrog.

green frog in hands

There were also Leopard Frogs.

leopard frog

Altogether about six miles. Quite leisurely. A really nice day. Thanks, Dave!

Nordhouse Wilderness: Nordhouse Dunes Trail, Dunes Edge Trail, Lake Michigan Trail, Middle Trail, Old Peters Grade, Nordhouse Lake Trail. Total about 6 miles.

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1 comment:

Ann said...

Love the view of Lake Michigan. That trail at the top of the dunes looks peaceful

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