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Friday, April 29, 2022

All Trail - Day 150

  On this sesquicentennial day, there was not any road walk! There aren't too many of these old style NY DEC trail signs still in use, but I like the rustic look. DEC trail signs

Sunshine makes everything SO much better. Pine Creek is pretty eroded, but it was really beautiful in the sun. Pine Creek

This picture isn't that great, but I always enjoy the hemlock swamps. They are particularly nice when there is puncheon for clear walking. trail through cedar swamp

Near the end of the day, just off the trail there is an old cemetery with dates from the early 1800s. It's a fun place to poke around, but the best thing is the view from that hill. cemetery on a hill

The second of the Finger Lakes! (the second one you see from the trail- you don't see all of them) This is Lamoka Lake, one of the small ones, with Waneta Lake behind it. Lamoka Lake Bonus Section: Wood

Here's some really old wood. This is a monster oak tree. The FLT map used to tell something about it, but those words have been taken out and I can't remember. And it's too early for me to be able to tell if it's still alive. In either case, it's really impressive. It has to be at least 200 years old. large oak tree

I just liked the patterns in this slab of wood cut from a tree that fell across the trail. How many hidden pictures can you see? patterns in a slab of wood

And, how's this for some wood-work? The beaver not only felled the tree, but he built a bridge, and stripped all the bark off the stump. tree cut by a beaver

Despite 3 big hills and 3 medium ones today, I did fine- maybe a tiny bit slow. But tomorrow is easy terrain, and I'm going for full distance. And we moved locations today, too. Always a tiring project, but I'm feeling fine. Still have a nagging cough (so does Marie although she never got the full-blown crud), but I think we are in good shape.

Miles today: 11.2. Total miles so far: 1920.9

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Ann said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. That is some view from that hill.

Unknown said...

Hooray! Feeling better AND no roads! Wonderful photos - especially that slab of patterned wood. Enjoy the journey, Joan. April

Ellie said...

Thank you for noticing the "little" things of beauty while still appreciating the distant views. Your pictures are a delight and are the one of the posts that I look forward to each evening.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- the views are wonderful, and the sun makes them even more so

April- I love patterns like that

Ellie- aw, thanks!