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Saturday, April 30, 2022

5, 15, 150, 1500 - Day 151

  5- It's the last day of month 5.

15- I hiked a full 15 miles today.

150- OK, it's day 151, but I have to stick with the theme here. 5/12 = 41% of the months used. 151/365 = 41% of the days used (if I can finish in a year). 1937/4800 = 40% of the (theoretical) miles hiked. Those are a fair match, but I'd rather be a smidgen ahead than a smidgen behind. And there's no actual reason I have to finish in a year. I just want to.

1500 feet- The reason I was able to hike 15 miles when I'm perhaps not quite at 100% recovery. Today, the terrain was almost all downhill as I dropped from about 2000 feet in Sugar Hill State Forest to the shores of Seneca Lake at about 500 feet.

There's way too much to show you, and my pictures are OK, but they don't do it justice. Here are some of the best. This is an unnamed falls on Glen Creek at a place called Ebeneezer Crossing. Ebeneezer Crossing

After that was a short road walk with views across Seneca Lake. Those blue hills are beyond the lake. And on the other side of that ridge, partway down, is where I grew up. These are the hills of home, even though the trail doesn't enter my home county. Seneca Lake hills

Today was the walk through Watkins Glen. This is one of the most spectacular of the Finger Lakes' gorges. However, the main trail is not yet open for the season. In fact, because it's not open year round, the FLT stays on the upper trail. It's beautiful, but you don't see as many waterfalls and rock formations. Some of my love of hiking was born here, since I was walking this before I went to school. But I haven't seen the lower gorge in years. I'll have to come back one of these days.

However, this is a picture of some of the typical rock work that enhances the natural beauty of the gorge. There are "magical" stone walkways, stairs, walls, and bridges. Watkins Glenn stonework

I'm including this just to give you a sense of the scale. This is a shot of the entrance to the lower trail as you are about halfway down from the upper trail. Watkins Glen entrance

Then a short walk through town takes you to the shore of Seneca Lake. Seneca is one of the two largest of the Finger Lakes. Cayuga is the other one. Cayuga is "my" lake. This is just the blunt southern end of Seneca. It's 40 miles long. Seneca Lake

A short climb and you are into a small glen that is a very special place. This was private land when I lived here, but it's now been made public, and the FLT follows Excelsior Glen. Here is the largest waterfall. Excelsior Glen

I especially like how you can really be intimate with the creek. Excelsior Glen

The wildflowers are starting to pop. I have two favorite pictures from today. The very first trillium of the year for me was a red one. There are lots of red ones in New York. red trillium

And this is blue cohosh. I LOVE how eclectic and windswept it looks before the leaves uncurl, with the starry yellow flowers exploding off to the side.
blue cohosh

I seem to be back to full strength. That gets tested tomorrow with difficult terrain and 15 miles.

Miles today: 16.5. Total miles so far: 1937.4.

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Ellie said...

Beautiful scenery. There are so many amazing rock walls, stairs, and picnic shelters throughout the Finger Lakes area, and most were built by the CCC. Those young men took such care in their work, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. So glad you are feeling better and that the weather is treating you well.

Ann said...

I've been to Watkins Glen. It's absolutely gorgeous there.

Kathie Simpson said...

Glad to see how far you've come and what you've already accomplished! I love Watkins Glen, too! :-) My grandparents lived in New Paltz, NY and we've stopped at Watkins Glen on our way back from their house when we went to visit. I have wonderful memories of our family hiking together there...thanks for sharing all these photos--such beauty all around!

Doug said...

Glad you're back to full power! One day I hope we'll actually get to hike together.

dlhviz said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better; the sunshine helps!