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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Colder than the Refrigerator - Day 148

  This is getting ridiculous, but here I am cooling my heels for yet another day. I can't get this congestion out of my lungs. instead of being in the 40s and dry, the day topped out at about 33 degrees with snow and a bone-chilling wind.

I'm so annoyed that I'm entertaining myself with mindless matching games I haven't played in almost two years. I did a few things I was supposed to, but when I waste time, I do it well. farm heroes saga game

Marie and I are reading a book out loud. Well, since my voice is weird, she's been doing the reading. Reading is at least more edifying than matching games. A Pearl in the Storm is written by a woman who rowed solo across the Atlantic in 1998. At least her experiences make my "epic" feel positively tame. Pearl in the Storm

My other chief activity is drinking hot tea laced with honey and lemon. Yuk. But I can't take a lot of the decongestant medications, and I'm not willing to experiment with ones I haven't tried in case they cause similar reactions. So we are going old school. cup of tea

This lack of progress on the trail is an issue only because it's going to mess up the schedules of a number of people who have tentatively agreed to help me farther along. I have the time to take as long as is needed to finish hiking the trail. But I can't keep jerking the chains of my helpers. The logistics of this project are a killer.

Plans, as of now, are to do a limited hike tomorrow. Warmer, dryer, and mostly less wind expected.

See Triple F


Sarah said...


You have a new fan! I’m in Rochester and have Been also sick this weekend and so I have lots of time to read about the NCT in and outside of NY and your latest adventure.

I completed the 46 High Peaks on my own and now working on the FLT. Joan, I admire your life’s work of hiking and how the abundance of knowledge you have Garnished is preserved in your writing. You are doing life giving work on this quality day! Even by just being Still!

Are you accepting “tag alongs” for a day? Get Well. Sarah

Unknown said...

Oh Joan, I'm soooo very sorry you're still not feeling well. This damp, cool, windy weather sure doesn't help matters. I'm sure those helping with logistics will surely understand. As one who can't take many pharmaceuticals, you might try taking marshmallow root capsules or mullein tea (available at any health food store). They do wonders for lung support. Both are usually tolerated well, but avoid mullein if you have liver issues. I'm not a doctor...just offering alternative suggestions. 😀 Rest, and feel better soon! April

Kathie Simpson said...

So sorry to hear of another delay...it was 28 degrees here this morning in MI...old Man Winter just doesn't want to give up! Glad you are resting and hopeful that you can get back on the trail today. I've no doubt that your helpers will be happy to help you whenever you can get there...or they will help you find others who can if they can't. This is a big deal and they all want you to succeed!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Sarah- yes, you could hike with me for a day.

April- I think I'm on the mend!

Kathie- yes... very cool weather pattern

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "We're glad to see you're feeling better ― we hope the weather cooperates, too. More miles soon to come!"