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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cochrane & Company - Day 142

  I'm starting this post with a picture taken yesterday as I was coming down Spencer Hill Rd. This view is to the northeast. I went past this barn, down to the bottom of this hill, and then first thing today, up the next hill on a farm lane. old barn and hills

From the top of the lane, you can look back to Spencer Hill. At the top left, just below the right side of the largest clump of evergreens... can you see it? There is the barn from the above picture! new york hills

This raised ridge is not as pointy as the one the other day, but the guide identifies this one as an esker. Pretty cool! I might not have realized this one for what it was, because I've only seen ones that were narrower on the top. esker

This was a short road walk. It was really pretty with those blocky shale rock walls. The color is a little funky. It wasn't a day for good color. It was hazy, with some drizzle. Not enough rain to really get me wet, though. Gay Gulf Rd

Now we get to Cochrane. That was the name of the road. The hill is Brooks Hill. This is the first 350 feet of the hill. After you get to the top of what you see here, the road bends and you go up another 100 feet. Thankfully, that was my last uphill of the day. Cochrane Road

I really wanted to get done early tonight, because we had company coming! Marie's brother Steve, and his wife Karen, came and took us out to dinner. We had a wonderful time, but I'm beat, even though I did "shorter" miles, and it was a relatively easy day. people eating dinner

And we have another busy day tomorrow too. I have to get done and get to bed because tomorrow is not going to be an easy one.

Miles today: 14.9. Total miles so far: 1875.8

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Sue Teeters said...

Sweet dreams!!! Enjoyed your post. Supper must have tasted scrumptious, and with good friends to boot!!!!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Sue- I had a big salad. A real treat on a hike.

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