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Saturday, August 27, 2022

Campgrounds - Day 270

  I planned to take my first rest break at the campsite at Gut Lake. But it was occupied! That is a good thing. I like to see folks using the trail.
Gut Lake

They were a son and father, Tony and Ken, who had backpacked in from the nearest road. They let me rest for a few minutes and we visited. They were fishing and camping. Here's the neat part. They had actually heard of the North Country Trail. A few years ago, despite the fact that there is an NCT emblem on the bench (you can see the edge of it), campers might be there and still not know about the trail. Little by little we are being recognized.

They have hiked on the NCT in Jay Cooke State Park, and some other parts in the Chippewa. Ken is 77, but likes to stay as active as he can. They were about to start a fire and cook up a small-mouth bass and sunfish.

The day stayed cloudy, which was really fine with me. That meant it was cooler. I had to stay covered because of the mosquitoes. Later in the day I passed Hazel Lake where there is also a campsite.
Hazel Lake

This one is kind of special to us, because we took a day off and celebrated Marie's 50th birthday there (on our hike so many years ago). David and I surprised her with 50 balloons, 50 M&Ms, etc. Yes, I carried all those in my pack just to have a fun party. (But not 50 candles.)

I know some of you don't want to see this, because it's pushing the next season. I will welcome cooler temperatures, and hopefully the demise of the mosquitoes soon, but it also pressures me to keep hiking!
red tree

I REALLY can't take any more mosquitoes right now. Thankfully, the trail today was mostly clear, so I hiked as fast as I could. But it all spoils the enjoyment of a very nice section. Tomorrow, I am skipping ahead to do a day of roadwalk. That will give me some fast miles, dry feet, and a break from the whining and biting.

Miles today: 15.5. Total miles so far: 3182.2.

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Ann said...

I've been seeing a lot of goldenrod around here which always tells me fall is not far off.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- sure enough!