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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Frazee Turkeys - Day 257

  There is a big construction project going on in Frazee, so I decided to skip ahead by one day so that I could walk through there on Sunday when they would not be working. I wasn't sure they'd let me walk through the work zone, and the other routes are seriously longer than I wanted to do on foot.

Frazee boasts the world's largest turkey. This is not it.
fiberglass turkey

It's just a teaser that can be found keeping company with Dino. Also not the world's largest dinosaur.
Sinclair dinosaur

Yup, it's really at a Sinclair station. They had plush Dinos for sale, but I resisted. I did, however, buy a personal pizza and a cinnamon roll for lunch.
Sinclair station

Now this, THIS, is the world's largest turkey. I'm telling you, western Minnesota is in love with large fiberglass animals. (And my favorite is yet to come- tomorrow.)
Frazee largest turkey

Today was all road walk. Hard on the feet, but there was some beautiful scenery.
lake and clouds

I just liked this.
old wagon

Miles today: 16.0. Total miles so far: 3025.6

See 3000 Miles at Edwards


Arta said...

Just love the pictures and information about God's country. Rooting for you here in Oceana County Michigan.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks- whoever you are!

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