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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Theoretically Two-Thirds - Day 271

  Jumping ahead to do this road walk was such a great idea! Maybe 4 mosquitoes all day. Dry feet. I plowed through a bunch of miles to attain this goal. I broke 3200 miles today, and 3200/4800 is 2/3. However I am betting that the final tally of miles will be a bit over 4800. Still, this feels really good, and I needed a boost to the old morale.

It's nice to see that the local chapter helps with roadside cleanup here. Great publicity for the trail, too.
Adopt highway sign

The common tansy is out of control in the midwest, and it's alien. Not a favorite plant of native species lovers. But it is colorful, and I thought this patch that was going to seed presented a nice autumnal palette.

Where I stopped for lunch, there was a row of tamarack (larch), Larix laricina, that had probably been planted. One of them had cones. I love how tiny they are. Similar in size to hemlock cones, but they grow upright and are lighter brown.
tamarack cones

Another great find was bottle or closed gentian, Gentiana andrewsii. This is the most common gentian here, but I don't find them super often, and I love the color and shape.
bottle gentian

Pokegama Lake through the trees. Most of the day was overcast (keeping the temperature down), but there was some sun in the afternoon. The green just glows!
Pokegama Lake

And, what's a road walk without a cool vintage vehicle? This is a GMC truck. Don't know what year.
vintage GMC truck

I also found a new-to-me plant which always makes a quality day. Still trying to ID it. And I think I'm ready to face two more days of mosquitoes now.

Miles today: 18.0. Total miles so far: 3200.2.

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Ann said...

Love that truck. Those pinecones look like little roses.

vanilla said...

46 I think.

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- don't they?!

Vanilla- I thought you might know. Thanks I'd like this one for my model RR.