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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Today's Object of Joy - Day 252

  I was definitely in need of a new battery (the old one didn't owe me anything). Car issues are just a ho-hum for the most part. These same things would have happened if I were home. Except that they chew up time, they have caused me very little inconvenience. car battery

So I bought a battery at Fleet Farm, and stood in the parking lot and installed it. No problems except that the hold-down bracket was a pill. Then I realized I needed groceries at the trailer (as well as lunch by that time). There was an Aldi just across the drive. Score!

Then I had to find a post office, and a place in the shade to eat my lunch, and finally I headed back to Sunny.

I slept the rest of the afternoon. And tomorrow I am resting. Not a working rest day, just resting.

The time with my friends was great, and one of the hard sections of the trail is done. However, the cold, hard fact is that I've only walked 39 miles in all of August, and I'm not ready to re-start the hiking yet. My feet hurt, and I am weary. I need to get my head back around this goal.


Ann said...

Car batteries are one of those things that I never give much thought to until they die.
Hope the rest gives you renewed motivation for the hike.

Kathie Simpson said...

Hope you're able to get your "battery" recharged w/a day of rest! Praying that you'll find your motivation and get back out there working towards your goal! My family and I are hiking in RMNP this week--sometimes the climbs in this altitude can be tough, but we keep going. Every day I think to myself "Joan would be proud of me" even though I've never met you! We've been hiking 8-10 miles each day and enjoying all the glorious beauty around us. YOU are an inspiration to so many!

The Oceanside Animals said...

Lulu: "Ooh, our Dada says he has many memories of fussing with the battery in his old Oldsmobile. Especially in winter."
Charlee: "While going uphill in the snow?"
Lulu: "Probably!"

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