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Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Food Discoveries of 2011

This week is going to be mostly focused on listing the best of 2011. Today will focus on food.

The best thing I learned this year is that I can make apple cider without a press. It works just fine if one is not trying to make dozens of gallons.

apple cider

Combined with other juices, I think I've canned enough that I won't have to buy any juice at all this year. That was a little goal of mine, so that may end up in best accomplishments too.

The best recipe find was actually on experiment of my own, but it's so drop-dead yummy that it instantly rose to vie with my all-time favorites. And that is... crabapple pie.

crabapple pie

I've chosen my favorite humor posts, and you can pick the funniest, if you want to play. See poll above.

Today was a work day... just paved roads and civilization. But the wind was really blowing, and here's a wave crashing over the Manistee breakwall. Notice how rough the water (Lake Michigan) behind the wave is!

wave on Manistee breakwall

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betchai said...

ah, goodie treats, i love apple cider and apple pie, the crabapple pie sure looks so yummy.

betchai said...

ah, goodie treats, i love apple cider and apple pie, the crabapple pie sure looks so yummy.

Ratty said...

Crabapple pie sounds and looks delicious. I'm too lazy to make one myself so I'll just sit here with my mouth watering.

sir rob said...

I began to love pies from your country when I was working in a US base before. I often used it as my in between meals and sometimes dinner. hehe

Fit and Fashion Mom said...

hi I cast a vote, by the way haven't tasted apple pie yet, it is not actually quite popular in our place but I like to eat one someday:D

Ann said...

making enough of your own cider is a winner considering how expensive it was in the stores last fall.
That pie looks and sounds wonderful

Secondary Roads said...

I had always heard that crab apples aren't fit to eat. However, I must say that your crab apple pie looks good enough to . . . ah . . . eat.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Never heard of crabapple pie! You must have QUITE the culinary touch to make it a favorite pie! Going to go look at your recipe. :)

Duxbury Ramblers said...

When we use to make cider we always allowed the natural yeast to ferment and of coarse we got the cider we call scrumpy, we do not make it nowadays but it was always a favourite.

Reena said...

That pie looks yummy! Our weather has been so mild so far ... it can continue as far as I'm concerned!

Unknown said...

That cider and pie look really good. We've had some weather likethat here too.

I've given you an award over at my blog, but please don't feel obliged to accept and respond unless you really want to.

Lin said...

I would love some of that cider warmed up with a cinnamon stick in it. YUM! It looks great, Sharkey.

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- nice crisp, tart tastes... I'm getting hungry just now. Shall we share a piece?

Ratty- have one... it's free!

sir rob- pie is best... anytime! I'm particularly fond of it for breakfast.

F&F Mom- Apples are a northern treat. I hope you get to try it! Thanks for voting.

Ann- The apple crop was unusually good, and I could have made more, but just didn't have time

Chuck- not the ornamental kind... you need to find a tree with the ones the size of small eggs

Rebecca- see note to Chuck

Carole- "scrumpy"- I love it. Sounds more like the way it tastes than "hard," which is what we call it

reena- well, you know I'm longing for snow

Jean- headed over to you to check it out!

Lin- Any time! Come on's just a short swim. Surely with your new toe you are up to it!

RNSANE said...

I think I lost my comment so I'm doing it again....that crabapple pie looks fabulous...just the thing for an afternoon coffee break when one needs a boost to get through the rest of the day.

The wave over the breakwater reminds me of our Pacific surf near my house. I got great pictures in a storm one day.

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