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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Directions, Same Time / Best Accomplishments of 2011

One of my best memories of all time (since we are doing "bests") is of riding a bicycle across the Mackinac Bridge (yes a few groups were allowed to do this in the past... explanation too long for this post) with the sun rising on my left and the full moon setting on my right.

No bridge, but that same astronomical effect was delightfully repeated this morning, and I sort of like the hominess of the setting. Here's the moon setting over our barn.

full moon setting over barn

Stay tuned for the sun!

Continuing with the "Best of 2011 Series," first I have to make a correction. I think I have to add one non-fiction book to the best reads. My record-keeping for the past year hasn't been very good, but I think I read Home Before Morning this past spring. I've added it to the post of two days ago, in any case.

I chose three accomplishments as outstanding. They are all in different categories, but I'm highly satisfied to have completed each of them. Again, in no particular order (I can never weigh apples and oranges):

Swimming Hamlin Lake:

swimming Hamlin Lake

I learned a lot about what I need to do to complete my quest for a long swim in 2011, and also learned that I should be able to still accomplish that dream, too.

Canning enough juice to meet my breakfast needs for the next year. I love a small glass of juice before my coffee each morning, and I've managed to put up some of my own, most years. But this year, between grape juice, autumn olive juice, crabapple juice, and apple cider, I think I won't have to buy any at all!

canned crabapple juice

News from Dead Mule SwampAnd third, actually finishing and e-publishing News from Dead Mule Swamp. So far, everyone seems to like it a lot, and is eager for more books in the series, which I hope to be able to deliver. You know I have to say it... if you haven't bought it, it's only 99 ¢ and you can get it in several formats at Smashwords.

The second book is Paddy Plays in Dead Mule Swamp, and you can track my progress at Shark Bytes and Tales.

Now for the other direction. The moon set was taken just seconds different in time from the sunrise. Just long enough for me to take about ten steps, so that I could sight around a tree that was in the way.

sunset silhouette

I like doing these "best of" posts. It really helps me track the milestones of my life. Thanks for coming along!

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Secondary Roads said...

The wolf moon has been spectacular this year. That's quite a list of accomplishments. That must be what keeps you young.

spinninglovelydays said...

Talk about great quality days! Inspiring as usual!

Ann said...

You have quite a lot to be proud of in 2011. I'm afraid to look back at what I accomplished or more likely what I didn't :)
Love the moon setting and the sun rising. nice shots

rainfield61 said...

I am behind, very far behind in comparison with yours.


RNSANE said...

Joan, both these pictures are just beautiful. And, wow, to think you put up enough juice for the whole year. How industrious you've been. I never did any canning or preserving but I remember all the wonderful foods my aunt and uncle used to put up when they had their farm...I, especially, loved the muscadine and scuppernong jellies and jams.

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