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Monday, January 2, 2012

A Warning We Probably Didn't Need

Warning! If you are a safety freak, or a new parent/grandparent, don't send me hate mail. I'm fresh out of babies here, and this just struck me funny...

two women friends

So, Loretta left today. Well, that's neither funny nor happy. We had a great time and she helped me accomplish things I never would have gotten done on my own. *

She went and got some of those "space bags" that you hook to your vacuum cleaner and suck out the air. They allow you to pack more stuff in the same amount of space. So, we compressed a pile of her sweaters and a coat so she could get things in her suitcase. (She bought a ski jacket while she was here.) We got all done, and I noticed the safety warning.

Don't you just wonder what people are thinking sometimes?

space bag

See the image in the lower right? Just in case I didn't think of it on my own, I've been warned not to put a baby in the bag and suck out the air. Oooooo Kaaaaaaay. I promise I won't, for today at least.

Or maybe it means you should put a seat belt on the baby before you put it in the bag and suck out all the air...

(Really, no hate mail, please. It probably means don't give it to a baby as a toy, but I think that's a visual symbol that has some problems.)

* I didn't treat Loretta as slave labor. We worked out a deal whereby she agreed to help me do a bunch of stuff. We did:
1. Cooked holiday food
2. Kept the piles of dirty dishes to a minimum for 10 days!
3. Sorted all my work mileage records for 2011
4. Filed an overflowing notebook of North Country Cache sales records
5. Made calls to all stores that had books on consignment
6. Made a few calls to stores that might want more books
7. Took a whole car load of dead computers and peripherals to Goodwill
8. Got all salvageable items out of the collapsing shed
9. Fixed the dining room light switch
10. Had some fun too!

See Trail Work Day
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Rick (Ratty) said...

It sure does look about the right size to fit a baby in there. And once you suck out all the air, that baby would fit just about anywhere. I don't care, that's funny, unless someone is dimwitted enough to actually try it.

Ann said...

I always find those warnings funny. I don't know if it's the warning itself or the fact that there are people out there who are stupid enough to need them.
You and Loretta got a lot accomplished while she was there. Too bad she had to leave already

Secondary Roads said...

Those look like bow legs to me. Maybe the warning label has something to do with cowboys. Or not . . . :)

vanilla said...

"Put a seatbelt on the baby before..." lol

I like the warning labels with a stickman whose eyes are "x x"
Too many amperes, or too much booze?

Dick Stone said...

they have whole books on crazy warning labels like, be sure to remove clothes before ironing, or when I saw a package of peanuts that said "this product may contain nuts"

Lin said...

I like the one that warns you not to use the hairdryer in the tub. Sheesh--and I'm all about killing two birds with one stone. Or just one big bird in the tub.

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- A quiet baby that travels well, I like it!

Ann- My all time favorite is the don't put your toddler's head in the bucket one

Chuck- maybe you aren't supposed to package free-range babies.

vanilla- I like the amps!

Dick- "contains nuts" It does make you wonder if people are even semi-conscious any more

Lin- well, at least that one might be needed by some folks (present company excepted!)

RNSANE said...

You really did accomplish a lot, considering it was holiday time. She needs to visit at least quarterly and, I suppose, in all fairness, you need to reciprocate!