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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scanning the Bar Code

I don't mind shopping when these are the sorts of bar codes I scan! Can you guess what three things I "bought?"

tree trunks



As you can probably guess, I was out and about today. Only had seven cases, but they took ALL day because they were so spread out. The back roads were pretty icy, so it wasn't quite as relaxed as a lot of the days I'm out, but I'm not complaining. I got home safely, and found all the places with no troubles.

OK, did you make your guesses? I think the first two were pretty easy. I played with the third one quite a bit... couldn't find a high hill to get the right perspective.

tree trunks



The snow is melting... Supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. Hard to be a winter wanderer this way!

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Lin said...

I like your "eye", Sharkey. Very creative post today!

Stay warm out there!

John said...

I tried for a while to figure out barcode 3 without any luck. I should've scrolled down further ;-)

I love exploring in the snow...

Secondary Roads said...

As you said, one and two were easy. I had to scroll down to figure out three. Clever post.

Rose Clearfield said...

Beautiful winter photos!

Ann said...

I like your bar codes. Much better than those in the stores.
Why is it that the snow looks so much prettier in your pictures than it does in mine? :)
Our temps are supposed to be up in the 40's for the next couple of days. We even saw the sun shining today

betchai said...

oh, they are very beautiful Sharkbytes, especially like the third one.

vanilla said...

Be careful on those icy roads! Great shots. My personal favorite is "Cattails in Snow at Pond's Edge."

Sharkbytes said...

Lin- I think I'm going to do my next newspaper column using this idea!

John- you didn't have much chance. I had to change it so much

Chuck- see note to John

Rose- Lots more to come before spring, I would think

Ann- here too. The snow is almost gone

betchai- I want to get an even better one. If I can go on a sunny day and find a place with a hill I should be able to get a more "barred" shot

vanilla- I like that one a lot too. Yeah, I slowed down a lot. It wasn't slicker than snot, but it was definitely a low friction day

jeanlivingsimple said...

Cool post Joan!

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