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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve- The Way it Was

We did go to a party...

christmas decorations

You could pick your holiday for the decor.

christmas decorations

We all took our cameras. This is Omer's. I liked the reflection in the screen. Loretta took pictures of me taking a picture of Om's camera. Pastor Al commented about Loretta taking pictures of me taking a picture of a camera. Are you confused yet?


We didn't stay the whole evening. There were going to be games, but they didn't seem to be happening, and I'm not great at casual conversation, and Om had to do the paper route at 2:30 of course.

Ludington was getting set up for their midnight ball drop. Here is S. James St at about 9 pm. The ball was up on the crane. You can see the red spot above the Christmas decor.

James street, Ludington, at night with holiday decorations

The ball changed colors every few seconds. It was kind of cool. We were told that all the hotel and motel rooms in town were full because so many people come in for the ball drop. Well, we contented ourselves with a few more pictures and then came home.

New Year's eve lighted ball, Ludington

That was enough New Year's excitement for us.

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Glynis Peters said...

Happy New Year, Joan! We had a wet and stormy one. No fireworks and certainly no going outside! Very strange for Cyprus.

vanilla said...

Indeed a lot of excitement; how much can two people stand?

Lin said...

I'm not a New Year's Eve kinda gal either. I can do without parties, boring conversation, too much food and booze. I like to spend it at home with the family, then go meet with my dear sweet pillow around 11:00 and call it a day/year.

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, Sharkey!

spinninglovelydays said...

Happy New Year! My eve was very boring - ate a lot and then went to sleep before 11. There was the baby factor and having to wake up early fpor church the next day. The holidays shouldn't fall on weekends, lol.

Ann said...

well it sounds like a splendid new years eve celebration to me. I'm horrible at casual conversation if I don't know the people that well. It tends to make people think I'm not very friendly....lol
We did our usual stay in and asleep before midnight

rainfield61 said...

You have to wait for next year if it was enough for this year.

Sharkbytes said...

Glynis- Seemed strange here too with no snow.

vanilla- apparently not that much! (different activities would have interested me more)

Lin- we could have had a better party at home and played games

Ivy- the baby factor is huge!

Ann- I'm really useless at visiting

rainfield- yes, I got my fill of New Year's thrills... will wait another 364 days (oops 365...it's a leap year)

RNSANE said...

I went with my friend's to the village's Midnight Mass on New Year's eve....Father Bollywood ( he does look like a movie star...I hope I never slip and call him that to his face ) had to compete, in his outdoor church setting, with loud music, fireworks, and blaring horns as he said mass and so did the beautiful church choir. Our party had to be delayed till after - but I suppose one shouldn't begrudge the Lord.