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Friday, January 20, 2012

Grousing Allowed?

On a blog devoted to finding the positive things in each and every day, is grousing allowed?

Most definitely, when it's this kind! We have a lot more snow than this now, but I took this picture last week along the North Country Trail. There are a lot of different tracks here, but I left them all for scale.

ruffed grouse tracks

The bird tracks going left to right along the top of the picture are ruffed grouse. In fact, I saw two of the birds while hiking, but I didn't see these tracks being made, so I had to check in my books after I got home.

You can also see one of my footprints, and one of Maggie's. Bicycles are allowed on this section of trail, and two cyclists had ridden through earlier in the day.

Winter is always a great season for seeing tracks. Who knows what we'll find this year?

There's a link below to a post with pictures of the ruffed grouse.

See Ruffed Grouse
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Ratty said...

Following tracks in the snow is one of my favorite winter activities. The only problem with where I am now is that almost all the tracks belong to feral cats. They cover almost everything else.

Secondary Roads said...

It has been years since I've seen a ruffed grouse. Near our house I see mostly rabbit and feral cat tracks with some deer tracks a few times a week.

sm said...

dont know about it.

Ann said...

those are some pretty small tracks. I would have never noticed them

betchai said...

love all the tracks, your footsteps, Maggie, the bicycle, and the grouse, I would never be able to identify a specific bird's track though, i hope my memory will not fail me and I will keep on collecting the knowledge that i learn from you, from others and from being out.

k and k world said...

great articles here, BTW ec drop here..happy weekend!

Sharkbytes said...

Ratty- that's a lot of cats! Better watch out.

Chuck- really? No grouse there? Seems odd. Do you have pheasants?

sm- stick around, I love to show tracks in the winter

Ann- about 2 inches square- lots more obvious than a mouse

Betchai- there are lots I can't, especially birds, but I'm trying to learn the ones that are distinguishable. If we had multiple kinds of grouse, they are too much alike, but we only have one kind here

A Mom- Thanks! Stop by any time.

Lin said...

I love tracks in the snow! I saw the opossum tracks in my yard, leading to the pond heater the other day. Today, I found the remnants of a hawk kill--blood, skin, feathers....but no tracks leading to the spot. blech! But it is still interesting to see.

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