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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Last Day of Green / Best Local Finds of 2011

Late in 2011 I found two trails in our local area (I call this the four counties around me) that I'd never known about before. They are Pine Valley Pathway and Ludington State Park from Piney Ridge Road to Hamlin Dam. You've seen hikes on them:

dog on trail

Hiking at Pine Valley Pathway
Hiking at Pine Valley Pathway Part 3
Pine Valley Pathway Again
Finding Inspiration Point
A New Trail To...

Today, Maggie and I did a little hike on the North Country Trail. It was almost 50 degrees, and I just couldn't stay inside. Brown woods, more snow there than at my house. I enjoyed every minute of the walk, but it was hard to find interesting things to picture. I liked this green moss, though. No ID... I haven't taken on mosses yet.

two kinds of moss

It's supposed to start rain/snow tonight, and be all snow by tomorrow afternoon, with maybe 10 inches accumulation. We'll see!

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RNSANE said...

Well, I suppose all this greenery is gone for awhile, then. Here, in my spot of India, it is so dusty and dry. Dust covers everything, even though my friend's servant come twice daily to sweep and dust, in an effort to keep it all under control. It wreaks havoc with my allergies.

Rick (Ratty) said...

10 inches of snow is a lot. I hope you don't get that much. I was expecting that much here by now, but we've had very little snow so far. Today we had a dusting and it's cold again, but we've had a very mild winter here in a part of the country known for harsh winters.

Secondary Roads said...

The thing about snow in Michigan--it is inevitable.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Moss is so varied - I bought a field guide from the British bryological society, it is 848 pages and well over a kilo in weight - some field guide, a good book but not for the pocket. Still very mild here :)

Unknown said...

Those are two beautiful greens, Joan. you must have got very close to take that moss pic.

Ann said...

I like the moss, whatever kind it is.
You've got the same forecast we do. I suspect you are more thrilled about the snow than I however :)

Sharkbytes said...

Carmen- I don't really understand those countries where everything is dry and dusty. How do they grow food? and where?

Ratty- I'm just hoping the storm will be done by the time I need to drive north tomorrow afternoon.

Chuck- a weekend of snow will be great for the local economy.

Carole- 848 pages! I'm not up to that! I was thinking maybe a hundred pages of Mosses of Michigan or something.

Jean- Yup! it was on super macro

Ann- well, snow in an urban area is never much fun.