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Monday, January 28, 2013

Answers to Vocabulary- Jan 2013 (and a little funny)

I'll start with the little funny in case you aren't one of my willingly obsessive friends who wants to learn odd words.

I was driving past a big drugstore the other day and the lighted sign was advertising "Flu and Paranoia Shots."

Or maybe not. I think it must have been "Flu and Pneumonia Shots." My brain needs just a tiny tweak of an adjustment some days.

vocabularyMy new words this month and the multiple choices to guess are found at Vocabulary Day Jan 2013. Chuck brings us the best daffynitions in that day's comments. Perhaps you'll like them better than the real thing. Nevertheless...

1. parlous
a. worthy of discussion that would be parlez or parley in Southern
b. perilous (or dangerous)
c. a type of knitting try purling

2. condign
a. deserved (or adequate)
b. assign maybe you were thinking of consign
d. a standard nope, that's paradigm

3. redound
a. to carry, such as a noise that would be resound (are you beginning to hate me?)
b. elasticity rebound might work
c. a red dog from the West End of London red 'ound
d. to have an effect or consequence

4. atelier
a. a workshop or studio, particularly of an artist or designer
c. trees trained in a pattern of growth espalier
d. a maker of fine suits a tailor

5. etiolated
b. pale, and in botany a plant that has grown without sun, so is not green (like white asparagus)

6. pleached
d. woven

7. gralloch
a. strangle that would be garotte
c. disembowel, as of a deer in hunting (but yes, Chuck, it's Scottish)

There you go. You'll begin to see how my mind works, and start figuring out the answers by elimination. That's fine with me.

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Jackie said...

Okay I am going to try to do better next week.

I was completely stumped yesterday. I don't even think I left a reply!

WTG Chuck!

Shelly said...

Flu and paranoia shots! Love it! I don't do the shot. Had one years ago. It put me in bed for 8 weeks. It was the worst flu I ever had.

Hugs and chocolate,

RNSANE said...

Some of those words stumped me. I need to read a bit more.. Too much time on the computer.

Secondary Roads said...

True confession time Shark. I researched the meaning of each word on your list the other day. However, I have a tradition to uphold and the silliness that ensued was inevitable.

Ann said...

I missed your post yesterday since I was too tired to sit in front of the computer last night. That's funny about the sign you saw, I do that all the time. I look at something real quick and think it says something different

vanilla said...

I would miss game day on "My Quality Day." Oh, well; next time.

Sharkbytes said...

Jackie- never feel bad. These words appear because I didn't know them either.

Shelly- I don't. And hopefully, I'll never need a paranoia shot!

Carmen- they all stumped me. That's why they are here

Chuck- research all you want. Your silliness is always the best, anyway

Ann & Vanilla- you can always quick scroll back before you see any of the answers ;-)

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