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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Covered

Not a good day for being outside. They actually closed part of the highway for a while. We went to church, but that's all. Enjoy the treacherous beauty.

ice storm

ice storm

ice storm

ice storm

ice storm

Oh, the bird in the picture from yesterday? There is a great blue heron flying right to left, just below the dead center of the photo.

See Ice on the Pine
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Lin said...

sorry to hear that travel was impaired, but the icy photos are beautiful.

rainfield61 said...

That is a huge natural refrigerator.

vanilla said...

I am enjoying the "treacherous beauty" and I am so glad I am doing it via digitally transmitted images rather than by being there.

Jackie said...

I hope you have plenty stored up to get you through the thaw. I am almost positive you would though!

I love love all of your pictures today. I am really in love with the old barn shot...that is one marvelous photo!!

Secondary Roads said...

Down here, we were on the warmer side of things. We didn't get the ice--just rain and later it turned to snow. I'm not sure what roads are like though.

Ann said...

pretty ice pictures. It's always pretty to look at but scary to drive in. We had 65 degree weather yesterday and today it was only 30

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