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Thursday, January 24, 2013

White and Blue

The snow stopped and the sun came out. What a beautiful day! Just enjoy a piece (peace?) of my kingdom.

snow and blue sky

snow and blue sky

This one is my favorite. I love how round the tree is and how the snow stuck to the "spokes."

snow and blue sky

Off to stuff newspapers again tomorrow.

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Duxbury Ramblers said...

When we were young these were the days our parents could not get us back into the house, we would be gone for hours. There are still days I see the shadows of those times, I suppose everyone does, point being a couple of hours sets me to wanting a hot cup of tea :)

Secondary Roads said...

Oh beautiful for bright blue skies.
For lace draped fields of snow.
This should come as no surprise,
How to end this I don't know.

Jackie said...

Chuck is a hard act to follow. He is so funny and oh so clever!

The photos are beautiful. I do miss being curled up in front of a wood burning stove, sitting in front of a window, with hot chocolate, watching the snow fall and reading a good book.

Oh my but Walter doesn't miss a thing about snow. It will most likely be a long time before we ever go back to Maine, if ever!

Beautiful Joan...are you heading out for some cross country? I spoke with my daughter in Maine yesterday and they are really enjoying their skiing this year.

Happy weekend!

rainfield61 said...

What a decoration by the snow.

Ann said...

We had that kind of day here yesterday. It was gorgeous. I saw the same thing with snow stuck to the trees and it reminded me of cotton swabs. Kind of like a little Q-tip forest....lol

Sharkbytes said...

Carol- Playing outside was great fun. We bundled up and hardly noticed the cold.

Chuck- they were beautiful and cheerful!

Jackie- I went snowshoeing

rainfield- no snow mushrooms, though

Ann- it does look like little Q-tips!

RNSANE said...

Spectacularly beautiful... Now even I might get out on a day like that.

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