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Friday, January 18, 2013

How Do the Newspapers Move?

Next installment in how the papers get stuffed.

I've told you that the papers begin at one end of the line, and showed you how they are opened. Today, I'll show you how they move along the tray.

See the post behind the shopping section? When I say "behind," that's because the papers move away from the camera. If you look in the groove where the post is you can see a drive chain. The post simply pushes the paper along.

newspaper on a stuffing machine

You might recall that there are stations along the line where the inserts fall into the outer paper. There is some sort of timing mechanism that makes that happen at the right intervals. You might be wondering how fast it moves. Fast. We stuff about 12,000 papers every Friday. That first day, the machine was not working well at all and we worked 11.5 hours. Today, it did the best I've seen it. (I've only been there four weeks). We were done at 3:30.

Here's how it goes.

It's not strenuous work, but tiring in its own way. No complaints, though. It's a job for money.

See How Does the Stuffer Open the Paper?
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Secondary Roads said...

Big time difference. The machinery must be showing its age from time to time.

vanilla said...

Honest work is honorable work. Shorter work days are better work days!

Ann said...

That does move along pretty fast. Interesting to see how things are done behind the scenes

Jackie said...

Thanks for the video. It is very interesting to see how things work.

But, wow, I see what you mean about the noise. It is loud.

I went thought about you yesterday when I was out at a local state park.

I hiked down just a little ways on a couple of trails and I kept thinking how very brave you are!!

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- There are many things that can go wrong. When it shuts itself down continuously that really slows things down.

vanilla- but longer days earn more money- at minimum wage, if I'm going to do in an entire day, I'd rather it took longer

Ann- yes, I'm still fascinated enough to not be bored

Jackie- Brave? You don't feel safe to hike in a State Park?